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Class Descriptions

Level 1

Our teachers create these classes to be suitable for beginners and students of all ages and fitness levels, no experience or flexibility required. Options are given throughout the class for varying degrees of strength and/or flexibility. Most of the postures are easily modified to fit the individual needs of the practitioner. You will be encouraged to work at your level, honour your body and limitations, in a non-competitive environment. These classes will help you become familiar with movement and body awareness.

Restorative with a Dash of Yin

Relax and unwind with this non-heated restorative class mixed with a dash of very gentle stretching.  Your body will be supported with a multitude of props to alleviate pressure off of your joints and entire body.  Suitable for all levels.  Space is limited.  Online sign-up is strongly recommended and checking in at least 10 minutes before class beginning.

Chill Asana

Non-heated, this gentle and therapeutic class focuses on breathing and massaging out tight, achy muscles. Great for recovery from running, cycling or any activity that may cause muscle soreness.  Props like Yoga Tune Up balls are commonly used in this class for self-care.   Suitable for all levels.  Space is limited.  Online sign-up is strongly recommended.

Nice Asana

Non-heated, this class is a practice where you will be guided through a series of postures in a slow and progressive manner to aid in improving strength and mobility. Props such as balls, dowels and blocks will often be used for demonstrating self care, to optimize your experience.  All levels welcome, suitable for beginners.

Community Class

To encourage our Yoga community to come together, enjoy this class for a reduced price of $10.  This class is heated and all levels are welcome, including beginners!

Roll and Restore

Enjoy one hour of pampering yourself using the Yoga Tune Up balls for self-massage and resting in restorative poses.  Focus is on breath and relaxation to help you down-regulate.

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