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Stress is a common occurrence with our busy lives and it affects the mind, body and spirit. When we are stressed, we tense up and this affects the flow of Qi (energy of life) according to TCM which in turn causes an imbalance within our bodies. Common symptoms of stress include: anxiety, frustration, stiffness in the muscles, insomnia, irregular menstrual cycles, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders etc. 

In Chinese medicine, any strong emotion such as stress, anxiety, depression affects the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body. When there is stress or any intense emotion, these energy pathways become blocked. You may notice that many people who are very stressed often complain of neck, upper back and shoulder pain. This is due to the stress causing the blockage of free flowing energy, circulation and blood. The result is pain, tightness and often headaches. With acupuncture, these imbalances and blockages can be addressed by placing needles in specific points to help the body improve circulation and alleviate stress symptoms.

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