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Roxy Menzies

Roxy Menzies infuses artistry, knowledge, soul and a 'fierce sense of humour' into her work with

movement. She believes we are happiest when we move our bodies. By moving our bodies, we

move our minds, our hearts and our souls.


Roxy was a dancer of the African diaspora and contemporary dance. Highlights of her dance career

include training with The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica and dance pioneer, Katherine

Dunham. She was an original member of Toronto's first all female hip hop dance group; PhemPhat

and worked with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. She has extensive experience in commercial as well as

stage work and represented women for Nike Dance in Europe.


Roxy has taught dance and various movement modalities for the Canadian Educational system,

professional dance companies and the artists of Cirque du Soleil. She draws from her background in

dance as well as her certifications from Stott Pilates, MK Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Yamuna® Body

Rolling and Thai Massage. She has presented, guest taught or performed in London, New York, Paris,

Beirut, China, Turkey and Thailand.


Based on her belief that every individual is a healer, Roxy's mission is to create an environment that

guides people to evolve into their full potential.





“I have worked with Roxy in a multitude of settings and acknowledge her many talents. She

embodies a unique mix of artistry and science-based knowledge. She is a well rounded

teacher/artist/athlete with a special aura, joyful vibration and spirit that conveys her love of

moving. When in full-flight Roxy is soulful and funky, showing a deep respect for rhythm, time

and style!. She is able to deftly guide and inspire respect for body, mind and spirit. She does this

with a wealth of embodied research. She guides with a supple spine, image-laden language and

a fierce sense of humour! Roxy rocks indeed!”




Professor of dance, researcher, lecturer, author, pedagogue, choreographer and dancer

Roxy offers a unique perspective to the Pilates world through her creativity and inquisitive

mind. She's incredibly open minded and accepting of a wide range of thought, theory and

background. She's adaptable to situations and personalities remaining easy going and light

but strong and direct when needed. As a result clients feel at ease with her and student

teachers strive for a higher standard of quality in their own teaching. Roxy embraces a high

work ethic and the upmost professional integrity. As a trained dancer she also demonstrates

the techniques of both Pilates and Gyrotonic beautifully.




Distinguished Pilates Instructor, Founder of the Pilates Institute and MK Pilates

I'm grateful to have an instructor who not only cares to learn about my individual build and its

problems but is forever searching to improve the sessions. I've learnt a lot about myself thanks to

Roxy, both physically and emotionally. Her approach is subtle, un-invasive and unique to her;

she takes the individual on a deeply wholesome journey through their whole. The fact that I look

and feel less flabby than before is a welcomed bonus but at least for me, that was never the

motivation. The pavements of Istanbul are not quite so deadly I thank Roxy for giving me the

ability to survive the booby traps gracefully. Yea, I think grace is the right word; that's what Roxy

brings out in me.




Managing Director of Cerba Group of Companies

“ Roxy is the perfect balance of creativity and business. Since I have known and worked with

her, she consistently amazes me with her talents as a dancer and choreographer and her

abilities to get the best results from whom ever she works with.”


Choreographer – Academy Awards, Superbowl, SYTYCD

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