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Monique Blackman

Yoga Teacher

Meet the Owner/Director of Stouffville Yoga Life.  Her passion for helping people to reach their greatest potential permeates from her pours!  When asked to describe what it is that she does she answered with this:  "It's quite simple.  I love what I do.  I do what I love.  Because of that, I will never have to 'work' another day for the rest of my life.

Offering up her soul and life’s mission to serving the Divine, Monique discovered early on through the healing practice of yoga that her purpose on Earth was to share the teachings of the Divine.  In her mid twenties, while battling a severe bout of depression, anxiety and illness, she was able to emerge from the dark spaces associated with the mental health disease by implementing a consistent yoga practice into her weekly routine. Recognizing the impact that the asana, meditation and breath techniques had on her mind, body, and above all, her spirit, she sought to find a way to give back to the very practice that facilitated her healing. Now certified in Moksha, Yoga Tune Up®, Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga, in addition to being a Reiki Master, Monique's aim is to inspire others to reclaim their power and embark on the journey that leads to self-discovery, expansion and communing with Spirit.  Currently, she is a part of the Modern Yoga Method Teacher Training Faculty, educating new trainees on the mystic practices and beliefs rooted in Yogic Philosophy.  She also utilizes these mystical teachings, as well as knowledge accumulated from extensive self-development work and her role as a Reiki Master for the foundation of her online Self- Mastery program, geared towards supporting individuals who have actively chosen to deepen their spiritual journey and liberate themselves from the current confines of their given reality.


Monique works tirelessly to create a safe, open, compassionate space for all whom she serves: yoga practitioners, trainees and clients and hopes to use her gifts as a natural Medium to help heal, console, and empower others; and to also create light in spaces where there is darkness. 

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