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November 14th

2pm to 4pm

A Workshop to confidently experience the beauty of Meditation


To experience the many benefits of meditation including its simplicity as a way of life, we first need to learn the right techniques for being able to remain still and focused, with an empty, yet alert mind. How many of us have a difficult time remaining still and focused long enough to feel the effects of Meditation on our body and mind, and to be able to go deeper within to our soul?


In this Workshop, you will learn a wonderful technique for instantly quieting the noise of your busy mind in order to reveal a deeper state of inner calm where there are “no thoughts”. (Some refer to this as inner 'bliss' or 'Nirvana').


Learn how to develop a personalized practice – effortlessly – and to experience the beauty of inner peace felt from within – in only minutes. Discover a new way to focus attention, and to release your mind of thoughts, experiencing what it means to simply 'be'.



*Prepare to be amazed at what you are capable of! This Workshop includes experiential practice using visualization and relaxation techniques, to feel calm yet alert in your mind, and to be relaxed in your body. Bring a notebook if you would like to record your initial and immediate experiences.

$44 +hst

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