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Maryday Manale

Holistic Nutritionist


Maryday is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, with a certificate as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Her journey to health started when she became a Yoga instructor. Through her yoga practice she became more aware of her own body and was more exposed to other alternatives in health and wellness with a focus on Nutrition. She was curious and found how whole foods can have impact in your overall health; better skin, energy, mood. She has made a connection with food adopting a balanced way of cooking, eating and living that works for her.

She is committed in providing individuals with a balanced lifestyle through the combination of yoga and nutrition believing that there is a mind and body connection when it comes to your health. It is no wonder why both of her passions of yoga and nutrition are beautifully harmonized. Maryday has always enjoyed helping people make changes in their lives and believes your health is something you can control the most.

Maryday loves to eat and she believes that food should and will always taste delicious; her focus is to nourish people through whole foods by simply showing how to combine and compliment whole foods in your overall healthy lifestyle. At home she likes to be creative with what she eats and always trying new things with new ingredients, new ways to cook. “There is a sense of accomplishment when you see your food “unfolds” before your eyes.”

Maryday’s inquisitive side helps her continue to grow as a student, a teacher, and a practitioner striving to learn more so that she can continue to inspire other people. She hopes to empower and inspire and educate you to get you closer towards your lifestyle change.

“Nutrition is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change. Reconnect with Earth, Reconnect with Food, Reconnect with yourself. A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside.” Robert Urich

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