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These classes are generally more challenging than the Level 1 classes where we begin to move more swiftly and fluidly.  We will always make your safety and comfort our priority as we guide you through intelligent preparation of the body and joints so that you can move better and feel better.

Hot Yoga

Heated, this class takes you through a creative series of postures with optional flows. Postures are performed at a slow and steady pace to build strength and endurance. Props will often be used to aid in comfort and stability.  Suitable for all levels.

Slow Flow

As we focus on mobility of the joints, this class is a reasonably paced practice linking breath with movement as the teacher takes you through a creative sequence that is different every time you attend! Suitable for all levels.

Yoga with Weights

Focusing on building strength and mobility of the joints, this class incorporates yoga with weight training.  Suitable for all levels.

Flow & Restore

A perfect mix of yin and yang!  This class is moderately paced linking postures with breath, finishing with relaxing restorative postures at the end, to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day!

Hot Flow

This heated class moves at a moderate pace with a focus on strengthening the body and stabilizing the joints.  Props will often be used for support and self-care. Recommended for students with experience in our Gentle Flow classes.



Very similar to our Rapid Flow Level 2 class, but not as fast and more modification options will be given. It's a great, fun and energetic class to try!

Functional Movement

Take what you learn each week to help you move better in everyday life.  We will equip you with valuable tools to safely move while you pick up your kids, enjoy gardening, shovel snow, get in and out of your car, go up a flight of stairs....the possibilities are endless!  With a combination of DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), FRC (Functional Range Conditioning), breath work, mobilization and strengthening, we will get you ready to conquer the real world, all while having a ton of fun!  Props like blankets for sliding, balls for balancing and bands for resistance work, will often be used in class.

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