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Davida Robertson

Yoga Teacher


Davida has been practicing yoga since 1998 and but made a much bigger commitment to the
practice in 2017. After saying goodbye to city life and a career in interior design, she moved to
the Stouffville area and allowed herself time to investigate what "living a meaningful life" meant
for her.
Developing a consistent yoga practice at Stouffville Yoga Life offered her clarity, perspective,
connection, a sense of purpose and improved mobility. Having been someone who thrived on
connecting people to concepts and ideas in her previous career, it became clear that similarly
connecting people to Yoga and sharing the practice was important to her.
Davida completed her YTT training under Isidora Romaninti's Modern Yoga Method, a training
marrying Yoga with a deeper understanding of the modern body, science, anatomy and
functional movement. Davida's classes are designed to be inclusive, creative, and purposeful.

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