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Charlene Diane Jones M.ED/M.A  

Meditation Teacher


Charlene Diane Jones M.Ed/M.A draws from her over forty-five years of meditation in Tibetan Vajrayana tradition when she teaches beginners how to meditate. Her philosophy is every meditation session begins anew so we are all, always beginners. She pioneered introducing meditation as curriculum while teaching at Sheridan College. 

A poet and author Ms. Jones wrote about Karma and Reincarnation in her novel The Stain.

In her non-fiction book Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind using easy to understand language Ms. Jones explores the seam between the much hailed Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice called Medicine Buddha and Neuroscience. Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind is available at 

Ms. Jones hosts and produces her own radio show called Off the Top where she often interviews other writers as well as local business owners and artists. For over 15 years Ms. Jones has used her understanding of Dreams as the primary tool in her practice as a Spiritual Consultant. 

When not writing or working Ms. Jones dotes on her two grandchildren, enjoys walking with her husband and shares his passion for helping stray cats. 

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